Welcome to our politically, religiously and intellectually provocative community!

BKY is involved with those aspects of contemporary Judaism which both respect and creatively engage with diversity. We encourage participation in, and contributions to, our services and our after-service and secular events.

Beit Klal Yisrael emerged on the London Jewish scene in 1990. Its roots can be traced back to the collective thought and expereince of a small group of secular Jewish lesbian-feminists. Their intention was to create a Jewish home for those who felt estranged from normative forms of Judaism.We welcome all those who want to work out an independent and challenging relation to Judaism and to being Jewish.

We especially welcome:

  • women
  • patrilineal
  • non Jewish partners of members
  • and secular Jews.

Today BKY is an evolving Jewish community. We are a community who cohere around a celebration of Jewish radicalism. We are a community whose ethos is to create a critical dialogue between Judaism’s religious and secular intellectual heritage with a view to voicing new and distinctive forms of Jewish dissent. We take seriously Abraham Joshua Heschel’s teaching that: “Prayer is nothing unless it is subversive”.

BKY is a vibrant and challenging project that we warmly invite you to become an active part of. BKY is affliated to:

  • Liberal Judaism (UK)
  • The World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jews

For further information of dates and timing of events, study sessions, courses and services please click on: the Calendar and Forthcoming Events.


But there come times – perhaps this is one of them – when we have to take ourselves more seriously or die; when we have to pull back from the incantations, rhythms we moved to thoughtlessly, and disenthrall ourselves, bestow ourselves to silence or a severer listening, cleansed of formulas, oratory, choruses, laments, static crowding the wires.’

Adrienne Rich, feminist, lesbian, poet. From the poem Transcendental Etude


I am A VAGABONDI have NO FRIENDS no relations MY SOLITUDE is immense UNBEARABLE‘.

Joseph Roth, author of The Radetsky March and The Wandering Jews.



inspired by Walter Benjamin


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