We are a community of people who recognise the true diversity of the Jewish experience and who welcome all new members and participants, especially those who are distanced or estranged from many facets of contemporary Jewish community life. 

Our community is involved with those aspects of contemporary Judaism which both respect and creatively engage with diversity. We encourage participation in, and contributions to, our services and our after-service and secular events.

We welcome everyone, but especially:

  • LGBTQI Jews
  • Jewish women who want to work out an independent and challenging relationship, as women, to Judaism and being Jewish
  • Jewish women and men who may not think of themselves as formally religious, but who do have Jewish issues and concerns
  • Patrilineal Jews
  • Secular Jews
  • Jewish women and men whose partners though not Jewish, wish to be supportive and participate in the life of the community
  • People who are on their own and who would feel more comfortable in a community which emphasises individual presence and participation 
  • People who want to learn more about Judaism and might be considering conversion

Today BKY is an evolving Jewish community. We are a community whose ethos is to create a critical dialogue between Judaism’s religious and secular intellectual heritage with a view to voicing new and distinctive forms of Jewish dissent. We welcome all those who want to work out an independent and challenging relationship to Judaism and to being Jewish.

We take seriously Abraham Joshua Heschel’s teaching that: “Prayer is nothing unless it is subversive”.

We hold regular services and celebrate all major festivals. We have social, secular and study events where everyone is welcome. We hope you will find a spiritual and intellectual home with us.

Beit Klal Yisrael – meaning a community for all Israel.

BKY is affiliated to:

For further information of dates and timing of events, study sessions, courses and services please click on: the Calendar.


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